A song is anything that can walk by itself. -Bob Dylan

I created Songwriter's Circle 1.0 because I truly believe that songwriting is a kind of creative expression anyone can experience. I believe we all have a song inside of us that deserves to be written down.

It doesn't always have to be about making money or turning it into something more. Sometimes you do stuff to simply just to try it out. I have found the some folks who are interested in the Songwriting Circle are hesitant because they don't have singing experience or songwriting experience.

To encourage and enlighten, I am sharing the TOP 5 Reasons to start Songwriting (a.k.a. 5 reasons why you will love Songwriter's Circle 1.0). I will share one reason every day this week! Here Goes!

#5 Reason to Start Writing Songs: PERSPECTIVE

Songwriting allows you to look at the world in unique and beautiful ways. It allows you to share a point of view that folks don’t see from their own view. Writing songs opens your eyes to more than one way to see an object, a topic, or theme. Look at the word love and how that has been interpreted through song in so many ways. From heartfelt ballads about how wonderful love is to heart wrenching songs on heartbreak, songs can give you infinite views of something. Having perspective in essence allows us to see the world in a myriad of ways and helps expands us as human beings. 

Stay tuned for #4 Tomorrow!!



Interested in gaining a new perspective and exploring through writing songs? Join the Songwriter's Circle today! No prior experience is necessary at all! For more information and to get a spot in the circle click HERE.  I would love to have you in the circle!

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